Every one of us want to lead a sustained and happy life. But unfortunately we rarely get both. The reason for this instability is because of the Karma. Is it possible to understand the good or bad time in our life? Yes, by reading the planetary positions and sign of the native at the time of birth (Jataka), which planets are influencing him now (dasa) and the current planetary positions (gochara).

Once we can able to know our future or the planetary changes in our horoscope, bad events can be completely avoided or reduced by applying suitable remedies like Homas , Poojas, Yantras and Mantras. We, Sree Bhairavi helps people to find sure shot solutions to all worries by understanding planetary positions and its influence on the native (and family).

Sree Bhairavi is a leading Tantric and Astrological organization offering end to end Astrology and Tantric based solutions for people by preserving and digitizing manuscript both palm leaf and paper.

Nowadays astrology has become an emotional and financial trap, where as we are directing people to the right path, following our MAHARSHIS way. Sree Bhairavi is leading by Jinesh Narayanan, who is one of the youngest tantric priests in south India.

Specialized in Tantra shastra, Kundalini yoga and Vedic astrology.