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Jinesh Narayan who was born in a village at Alappuzha district of Kerala. There is nothing special to mention here about his child hood. He completed his aeronautical engineering course, mean time he was working as a music programmer.

He visited a tantric priest and astrologer in south India to find solutions for a sudden setback in his life. The tantric priest re arranged his life and helped him to overcome the tough situation.

After that incident he started thinking about the instability of life and started searching for its reason. He understood that the control of life is not in the hand of any individual. People think that everything is under their control when they experience success and on failures, blaming fate.

Later he went back to the tantric priest and asked him how he has identified his problems and fixed it. The answer was a smile.

Mr. Jinesh requested him to accept him as his Sishya and he has been accepted by his Guru Vimal Ranjin (UNNI MASTER). He started practicing Tantra shastra (mantra sadhana), Kundalini yoga and astrology. Later he studied under different masters as advised by his GURU Maharaj.

After many years of sadhana and life experiences, Gurudev advised him to use that knowledge for the upliftment of mankind.

Currently he is practicing in INDIA and UAE, and helping people to meet their material and spiritual needs.

Research and consulting head of Sreebhairavi wing:

Sandeep R Chandran (India)

Pranav (India)

Ragesh Ravinath (Abroad)

Thanu chandra (Abroad)
(thanurej@gmail. Com)

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