Diksha (Initiation) is also an important notion in the Tantra sadhana. In the Kularnava Tantra it is declared that there can be no moksha or liberation without diksha ( initiation). cannot be happened without a GURU. So only Guru can Initiate disciple for the sadhana according to his competency.

Important thing: At the time of initiation Guru Maharaj removes many impurities from the mind of the disciple through Sakthipata(transplantation of power) and the shishya feels that experience. The very term Diksha reflect the fact ‘DI’ means that which gives knowledge while ‘KSHA’ means that which removes animal sprouts.

According to Tantra Mahavijnanam, Diksha means that which abolishes sins and give divine knowledge.


There are mainly 4 ways of Initiation.

  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Manas (Mind)

Through the ways of initiation, Guru first removes the impurities and transfer high energy into the disciple so that the latent power of the disciple can awake. But for this Guru should have awakened the Kundalini Sakthi and only this type of realized soul can open the centers of AURA body (Chakras).


The place of mantra in the Tantra Sadhana is very significant. Not a single tantric rite is done without Mantra. The Matra is selected by the Guru after ascertaining the seeker’s nativity, temperament, constitution- the elements in which he is deficient- and the goal aimed at. Mantras are the sound bodies of the respective Devatas; there reproductions in human speech as approximate as possible of the original sound vibration that accompanied the manifestation of the Devatas on their own plain of existence. These sounds when repeated in the prescribed manner act as invocations of the Deities. According to the nature of sishya Guru gives the proper mantra to him and that mantra should be done constantly. This is known as JAPA.


Japa means repetition of mantra. This process cultivates concentration (Sradha) after sitting in convenient posture in a silent place. Sadhaka recites the mantra into which he has been initiated.

Mainly Japa is of 4 kinds

1) Vachika Japa (Audible) considered as lowest level
2) Upamshu Japa (Without voice only movement of lips) considered as medium level
3) Jihvikam (Without voice only movement of tounge) considered as medium level
3) Manasika Japa (Highest form of Japa, repetition takes place with a single mind)

One thing should be remembered here that only mechanical repetition does not create anything for the effective result, only has to do Japa with faith, aspiration and devotion.

We are following fusion of Mantra Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga, which found very effective but not for all candidates. The candidate should prove that he is capable to perform sadhana by going through the directed path on the initial phase.

Initiation is not a business for us, here we provide Initiation at free of cost but only for selected and blessed candidates.

(Observation time to give Diksha for selected candidates is 6 months to 2.5 years)