What is Veda and Tantra?

Veda and Tantra are divine revelation .The word Veda means knowledge, the word Tantra means techniques.

To whom was the knowledge of the Vedas revealed or first made known?

The Vedas were revealed to rishis who were in deep meditation. These rishis were absolutely pious and they possessed the purest qualities.

What is the orginal name of Hindu Dharma?

At first it was simply called Dharma. Since its teachings are based on the Sruthi(Veda,Tantra), it is called the Vedic Dharma. Its teachings are eternal so it is called the ‘SANATHANA DHARMA’.

What is the meaning of the word Hindu?

The Word Hindu was orginated from the word Sindhu(Indus).Sindhu is a river in india. The people who had lived along the banks of river Sindhu were called Hindu. Thus religion came to be known as Hindu Dharma.

Who founded Hindu Dharma?

Hindu religion was not founded by a person. The source of Hindu dharma is the Sruthi (The Traditon asserts that Sruthi is Two-fold, Vaidiki and Tantriki). Kulluka Bhatt, explaining the first verse of chapter second of Manusmrithi has extracted the observation of Haritha (Haritha Samhitha), our principle scripture. Maharshis ,saints and men of learning explained the teaching of the Sruthi in the other religious books.

How old is Hindu Dharma (religion)?

It is the oldest religion (opinion) in the world. It was the first religion of the world.

What is religion (Dharma)?

Religion is the path that helps one to lead a noble life. It takes us closer to God.