We assist you to get the horoscope with a complete native chart of the native. Yearly predictions, dasas, current planetary positions, remedies to overcome accidents and unwanted events in life also will be provided.


Parents always find difficulty in choosing a right education for their children. We can help you in getting a clear idea regarding the level of education that can be attained by an individual as per his/her horoscope and how much success they can attain in their chosen field.

We can give sure shot solutions through poojas, homas, japas, and with activated medicines by mantras (for memory problems and success in exams).

  • Vishnu pooja
  • Saraswathi pooja
  • Bhrahmeekritham with vidyagopalam (For best intelligence)
  • Saraswathakritham (saraswatham for better intelligence)


Career is a very important aspect of our lives. A good and well-balanced career and work-life stabilize our life, bring satisfaction and help us lead a happy life. We all wish to become successful in life and to earn a good amount of money. But, choosing the right career is often a tricky path.

Our astrologers have specialized knowledge and experience in handling problems in employment like carrier growth, issues with higher officials ,delay in promotions etc..

  • Ashtadravya maha ganapathy homam or poojas
  • Chenganapathy homam or poojas


Since marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life, it is important to find the right person to settle down with. Our astrologers can help you by giving best advice too.

Marriage match or Star match is very important while selecting a partner. We are giving a complete service for this. Moreover, relationship problems like lack of harmony, problems in sex can also be treated by understanding the root cause and direct the client to lead a happy life. This may be treated medically, psychologically or spiritually.

  • Ardhanareeswara pooja
  • Uma mahaeswara pooja
  • Samvada sooktharchana
  • Vashya pooja are few of the solutions.


Even after many years of marriage, couples may face problem with conception, frequent abortions, still births because some doshas in their birth chart. Our experts have expertise in identifying doshas and giving proper remedies.

Sandhana gopala pooja, Eethilathamma Pooja (Pregnancy problems) are some examples.

Many parents have issue with behavioral disorder with the children; we are using various techniques to correct this by helping the children’s to practice japas and yogas too.


Health is wealth, Diseases and disorders spoil all harmony in life. Many of the diseases are because of the current life style and it can be corrected with life style modification. Many diseases can be cured with medicines but not all. It is true that diseases can be caused by karma doshas.

For certain health problems (physiological and psychological) tantric and astrological solutions give great result of wellness. Few remedies mentioned below.

  • Maha mritwinjaya homam
  • Mritwinjaya Yantram (For alleviation of diseases)
  • Neelakanda Pooja (For negative thinking and stomach diseases)


Money and wealth will not reach every bodies hand. It is possible only those who have blessings from goddess Lekshmi. Problems in money/ wealth issues cause stress and undue pressure, which you can’t really avoid. Financial problems can be resolved through proper planning and implementation of certain tantric remedies Our astrologers are here to help you solve all your wealth and money as well as property-related issues.

You can get solutions to Overcome/ remove hurdles in wealth acquisition.

  • Increase prosperity and wealth.
  • Ashtadravya Mahaganapathi Homam or Pooja
  • Jaganmohana Ganapathi Homam or Pooja
  • Lekshmi ganapathi pooja


Yantra dharan (wearing yantra) is a good solution from saving you from evil eye and black magic. Below mentioned are few remedies for black magic and evil eye.

  • Mritwinjaya Yantram
  • Aghora Homam or Pooja and Bali Gadkaravana Homam or Pooja and Bali
  • (For protection from enemies and negative energies).

List of poojas can be viewed at poojas, homam and yantras